RACNES : Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor consists of an endless belt which passes over head pulley & tail pulley. The intermediate portion of belt is supported on idlers fitted on idler frames. Idler frames are mounted on structural member which are called stringers. The stringers are supported on short posts. The conveyor is powered through drive consisting of motor -- gearbox -- coupling arrangement. The material is loaded onto the belt at feeding point and it moves in the direction of motion of belt and is discharged at the unloading point.

Belt conveyor are used for transporting bulk/ unit materials from one place to another. They can convey various types of materials such as coal, iron ore, limestone, dolomite, stones, chips, etc. The size of material varies from lumps to fines. These conveyors find extensive application in mines, steel plants, power plants, ports, quarry, etc. Belt conveyors can be designed to follow various types of profiles and contours depending upon site condition.